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Indonesia Animal Rescue Home

Hey everyone, I am Sultana. Yup, named after the cookie 😁

I am a stray cat. Not anymore, actually.  I don’t like that name. I rather prefer domestic royal land cat. 
Not too long ago I lived on the streets of Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia. A very scary place for animals here. In Indonesia people don’t really like animals. (not all of them ). 
One day  I was looking for food on the road, when this person crossed my path. Or I his. He thought  I was a bunny 🐰 . He was shocked at seeing a bunny on the streets of Surabaya. Then he realized, I was a cat. 
That time I got almost hit by a bike. So he lured me to the side of a street. I decided to follow him, because he seemed nice to me. 
I don’t walk that fast because I only have 3 legs, and my eye sight is not that great. One eye is damaged 😢. But I had a good feeling about him, and he took me to his place. He and his wife are taking care of me. So finally I have a place to call home, thank God. There are more cats here. They hissed at me, but now they are fine.

Actually, I want to ask animal friends to help us. (my brothers and sisters, and other animals in need). In this big city, many of us are suffering. We need more places to stay. Places where we can be safe, and not have to worry about being hit by traffic. A place where we get  food. A place where we can live, and where they take care of us. A place what we call home.
We already found a nice location. It is still empty, but they will build a nice animal shelter. Where many of my brothers and sister and other animals  can live, and where they take care of us with a big garden to run around in. This is our dream! We are asking for donations, to help us with this dream.


All donations are used to benefit animals

This is me at the vet