We found this baby cat not too long ago. We took it home. Suddenly a mother cat stood in front of the door, and began nursing the baby cat as we watched. So we took both of them to the vet. Their eyes where full of pus. After the cleaning at the vet, this was the result (see picture). The adult cat stayed with the baby cat for 2 weeks. After that the baby cat could see again. Shortly after that, they  both just disappeared.

This is Red Cat🐈, Red Cat was a street cat, who always used to come and chill at our house. A very friendly cat. Very talkative. Red Cat came home on a few occasions with severe wounds in his neck. We didn’t know for sure why. However, it looked like a cut from something. One day Red Cat came home in the morning like always, but his behavior was completely alarming. Different from usual. He started to have seizures, and died that morning 😢. Red Cat was poisoned. Most likely by rat poison. Another danger animals have to face.

The cat on the left is Ipin,  Ipin was Red Cat’s best friend. They used to be team trouble. After the death of Red Cat😢, that same week Ipin died. He fell off of a roof, and broke his neck 😢. It was a horrible week that week. To bury 2 loving cats 🐈 . An animal shelter can give better conditions, and prevent some of these types of unnecessary deaths of animals.

Ipin and Candy, loved playing in bags   👉👉👉

This was at the animal market.☹️ It is so horrible to see, and hear the cries of so many animals suffering and locked up in cages. Monkeys, dogs, cats , birds , reptiles etc.,etc. We really want to get them all out of there, and give them a better life. But we have no space 😩. A shelter would be a solution for many animals to get their freedom back. Please help, help,help. Donate generously 🙈.

Feeding homeless street cats